Things I'm doing lately

AgFunder : I'm Head of Engineering for this innovative agrifood-tech VC out of SF.  This involves architecture, machine learning engineering, data engineering, and management. 

Talks slide decks : Slide decks for my (public) talks, mostly on machine learning, reinforcement learning topics.
TalkRL Podcast : I host a podcast focused on interviews with Reinforcement Learning researchers.   

Pathway Intelligence Reinforcement Learning : My projects and talks related to Reinforcement Learning.  

Attending machine learning conferences including: Neurips, ICML, ICLR, KDD, CoRL.  I also like Amii Tea Time Talks!

Videos of talks I have given : On data science, machine learning, reinforcement learning 

IdeasSpace python class : [Teaching of this class has been taken over by star student Lyric!]  I facilitate this class for grades 7-12.


Casual Modelling in ML Course : grad course on causality by Dr. Robert Ness.

RC Code Club : My son Kiran and I have been running a local code club in our village, for Python and Scratch.